antique railroad lantern

Collectible Antique Railroad Lanterns

You never know when you’ll end up owning a valuable collectible. They make TV shows today about people who have discovered that they had treasure hidden right in their own homes in the form of some kind of collectible item. I found myself in possession of a couple of really nice antique railroad lanterns after […]

vintage electric fan

Antique and Vintage Electric Fans

Antique electric fans and vintage fans can be a great find if you like to hit estate sales.  There are some serious collectors out there.  I learned this by accident when I was searching around the basement of a house where an estate sale had been going on all day.

vintage dance cards

Vintage Dance Cards from the 1930s and 1940s

One of the reasons I enjoy selling ephemera is because I really enjoy checking it out myself.  Old paper (usually) items that no one really ever thought of as collectible at the time, do a wonderful job of capturing little chunks of history.

second hand furniture

Buying and Selling Second Hand Furniture

Finding Good Used Furniture I came to the conclusion shortly after my wife and I got married that second hand furniture was the way to go.  Now, that the economy has tightened up a bit on everyone, I am even more convinced that buying used furniture can be a great way to save some money.

Military pins

Military Pins

Military pins and military medals are a very popular collectibles.  Although I’ve seen a few of these being sold at estate sales, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any truly high quality collectible military pins being sold at yard or garage sales.

Ole sign letters

Vintage Sign Letters

When I was going to several estate sales every week, I sort of specialized in finding the offbeat items that people collect.  The reason for this is becomes obvious if you have ever attended an estate sale.

Van Halen Guitar

Vintage Guitar Player Magazines

So this week, I went diving back into the past.  Back to a time when I was first really learning to love music.  The year was 1980, and rock was finally starting to push its way back on to the scene after some very strange years filled with way too much disco music.

Vintage Sears Catalog

Old Sears Wishbooks and other Vintage Catalogs

Got Old Catalogs? Vintage catalogs are one of my favorite things to find at estate sales but they don’t turn up all that often. Think about it. What are the odds that you would even have an old catalog from five years ago sitting around your house in mint condition?

Boxing Memorabilia for Sale

Arturo Gatti Signed White Robe Price: $1817.99 Hector Macho Camacho Boxing Signed Autograph 8×10 Photo Jsa Price: $108.99 George Foreman Autographed By George Book Price: $145.99 Riddick Bowe autographed Boxing Glove Price: $104.99 Carlos Ortiz autographed Boxing Glove inscribed HOF 91 Price: $104.99 Signed Max Baer Picture – BEVERLY HILLBILLIES by BUDDY EBSEN Passed Away […]

Olympic Memorabilia for Sale

Framed Ryan Lochte Signed Photo – 16×20 JSA/SM Price: $183.98 Carl Lewis Signed 8×10 Photograph PSA DNA Authenticated USA Olympics RARE TOUGH Price: $175.99 Sheryl Swoopes signed Olympic Winners 16×20 Photo Custom Framed (black USA) w/ 15 signatures (14 Gold Medal Winners- 14 Team US Price: $434.99 Apolo Anton Ohno Signed US Olympic Gold Medal […]