U.S. Congress coasters

U.S. Congress Coasters

Second Hand Vintage Coasters

I’ve got a bunch of neat old second hand vintage coasters that I recently put up for sale.  They’re an interesting lot, but like so much of what I have stored all over the place, they just have to go.  I suppose the person who originally owned these was a bit of a collector, but it isn’t really a huge collection.

The first item that caught my eye when I found these were the old United States Congress Coasters.  I don’t know the story of their origin, but I do know that there are some people who enjoy collecting memorabilia related to politics.  I did a little research and also found that some people focus just on a particular area of government, and look for items

like vintage U.S. Congress pieces.  Others look for presidential material.  I suppose it depends on the individual.U.S. Congress coasters  What struck me about these U.S. Congress coasters was the fact that they are quite heavy.  The four of them together weigh around 1 pound, 5 ounces.  I think they would make an interesting addition to someone’s collection.

The next two items are vintage coasters promoting beer.  I can remember returning home from Pirates games when I was young and seeing the DUKE Beer sign on the hillside next to the Mongahela River.  It is long gone now, as is the Duquesne brewery.  Both

a victim of some tough economic times that hit the city of Pittsburgh when the steel industry imploded.  The Stoney’s / Esquire coasters would also make an interesting find for someone I imagine.

Finally, there are  two different coasters from Stanley Home Products.  The company has been around since 1931 and I honestly didn’t realize that they were still in existence.  Anyway, I believe the coasters I found are on the vintage side.  Hopefully, someone has a home for them.

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