Military pins

Military Pins

Military pins and military medals are a very popular collectibles.  Although I’ve seen a few of these being sold at estate sales, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any truly high quality collectible military pins being sold at yard or garage sales. Vintage military items are wonderful to collect, but they are often held on to by family members,Military pins and so, can be hard to find.

If you are looking for items to sell, military medals,  military lapel pins and military hat pins are all popular among collectors.  Of course, among these, there are certainly some that are more valuable than others and there are also other considerations to take into account.  Recently, I saw a couple of Honorable Discharge medals being sold with their original boxes that went for over $400 each.  Believe it or not, those aren’t anywhere near the most expensive items I found during my exploring.  Many military medals sell for well over a thousand dollars.  People pay well for medals.

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Military medals are a special kind of collectible.  They can be a remote connection to someone who performed some type of heroic act during an important moment in world history.  Medals given as high honors are relatively scarce.  Because collecting military medals can get quite expensive, many collectors choose to specialize in what medals they collect.  Some focus on medals from a particular war or battle.  Others choose to collect only certain types of medals.  Much depends on your interests and budget.

What I love about medals as  collectibles is the sense of history that comes with it.  Every medal commemorates something.  The level of importance or honor may vary, but medals are a connection to history, and I’ve always been fascinated with things from the past.  I don’t have a medal collection of my own, but I’d love to have someone show me their collection along with a history of where the medals originated.

If you are buying, well, you certainly know what you are looking for online.  Be sure to ask for additional close up photos if possible before investing too much.  Also always ask to see all sides of the item.  Never assume that because something looks great from one view, that it will be in wonderful condition all around.  Most quality sellers will be more than happy to show you every detail and answer questions about age, condition, history, and the like.

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