Van Halen Guitar

Vintage Guitar Player Magazines

Van Halen Guitar
Eddie Van Halen getting REALLY famous in 1980.

So this week, I went diving back into the past.  Back to a time when I was first really learning to love music.  The year was 1980, and rock was finally starting to push its way back on to the scene after some very strange years filled with way too much disco music.  I was just starting to get an interest in learning to play drums and guitar, and as an up and coming teen, I had no problem finding some musical heroes.  For guitar, it was Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix (Hey, he’s HENDRIX!), Alex Lifeson from Rush, and B.B. King, just ’cause I liked the blues.  For drums, Bonham and Peart.

Anyway, I had some old guitar magazines stashed away that I bought a while ago.  They used to “live” in a music store where they had been placed in some large plastic binders.  I finally got around to taking them out, photographing them, and listing them.  We’ll see how they do.  There are two different titles
listed… Guitar Player Magazine and International Musician and Recording World.  The first is obviously dedicated to guitar players.  The second is a great look back at what professional musicians had to say about the new musical equipment of the day (now being sold as vintage).  I honestly don’t know how these will do, but I hope someone with a love of music finds them and can get some enjoyment from them.  I figured that there is enough interest in vintage musical equipment nowadays, that some musicians might be interested in reading in depth reviews that they might otherwise have a hard time finding today.  After all, there aren’t many magazines or web sites that are going to devote much time or space to instruments that were new over thirty years ago.

B.B. King
B.B. King


Jeff Beck guitar
Jeff Beck
Stanley Clark
Stanley Clark… We’ll include bass guitarists too!
Alex Lifeson
Alex Lifeson is a guitarist who should be known by more up and coming guitar players. (And don’t forget Geddy Lee on bass!)

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